Norlavore as the Quantico

The Sinking of the Norlavore

Originally called the Lake Flitch. In 1933 was purchased from the US Army Corps of Engineers who had been using her for Mississippi flood control work renamed Quantico. In 1942 chartered to Norgulf and was renamed Norlavore, went missing after passing Cape Henry.

The sinking of the Norlavore is unknown. Some have reported that she was sunk by the German U-boat U-432. On February 22, 1942, she left her home port for Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, and never arrived. Initial reports after the war report that the U-432 was in the area when she went down. reports that the sinking occurred during heavy weather and has removed it from its ships attacked database.


Built: 1919 Sunk: February 24, 1942
Type of Vessel: Freighter Owner: Norlasco Steam Ship Company
Builder: Globe Ship Building Co., Superior, Wisconsin Power: Oil-fired Steam
Port of registry: Baltimore, Maryland Dimensions: 253' x 43' x 26'
Previous Names: Quantico, Lake Fitch Lost Crew: 28


Here is the location of the sinking: 35.05N/75.20W



Aviles Eduardo 2/24/1942 A.B. Kageias PR Unknown
Breyvogel August Joseph 2/24/1942 Steward Flushing NY Unknown
Caneda Francisco 2/24/1942 A.B. Catano PR Unknown
Cook William Alton 2/24/1942 Messman Aynor SC Unknown
Craven Charles E. 2/24/1942 2nd Mate Washington DC
Drungowski Stanislaus Alfred [Alexander] 2/24/1942 Oiler Philadelphia PA Unknown
DuBois Howard James 2/24/1942 F/W Philadelphia PA Unknown
Gage Everett Earl 2/24/1942 3rd Mate Long Island City NY Unknown
Gaiesky Edward 2/24/1942 Oiler Lynn MA Unknown
Harris William A. 2/24/1942 Messman Baltimore MD Unknown
Hunt Edward 2/24/1942 Cook Baltimore MD Unknown
Johnson Merrill Wakefield 2/24/1942 A.B. Durham NC Unknown
Marvel Carlton Richard 2/24/1942 O.S. Philadelphia PA Unknown
McHenry William Thomas 2/24/1942 3rd Engineer Iroquois NY Unknown
McLaughlin Edward 2/24/1942 2nd Engineer Saugerties NY Unknown
Nelson Charles Henry 2/24/1942 1st Engineer St. Albans NY Unknown
Pandello Juan Maria 2/24/1942 F/W Coruna Spain Unknown
Pearce Ernest Jerrell 2/24/1942 Chief Mate Spring Lake NJ Unknown
Rader LeRoy Robert 2/24/1942 O.S. Allentown PA Unknown
Reguiro Andres 2/24/1942 Oiler New York NY Unknown
Schiller Walter John 2/24/1942 Chief Engineer Baltimore MD Unknown
Spencer Daniel Hezekiah 2/24/1942 Chief Cook Philadelphia PA Unknown
Stoka Anton 2/24/1942 Wiper Port Arthur TX Unknown
Vega Lazarro 2/24/1942 Messman Astorga Spain Unknown
Walker Jim Clayton 2/24/1942 Bosun Dallas TX Unknown
Williams Chauncey Homer 2/24/1942 Master Bridgeport CT
Wilson Ernest Linwood 2/24/1942 A.B. Baltimore MD Unknown
Wolfskeil William Henry 2/24/1942 Radio Officer Roselle Park NJ Unknown

*as listed on

A.B.=Able-Bodied Seaman
O.S.=Ordinary Seaman

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