Ok...so it's been a while

When I started to build this website nearly 20 years ago, I told myself I would work on it on a regular basis. While designing websites for numerous companies, clubs, schools, and myself I had the best of intentions. I have found over the years I tended to work on the website in bursts. I'd spend a week or two solely focusing a great deal of attent...

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A Letter From Family Member - John D. Gill

As mentioned previously, I enjoy hearing from people regarding friends or family who were on one of the ships. On Sunday, April 3, 2022, I received the following email: Hello, My father's brother was lost on the John D. Gill. I thought you could add his name to those crewmen who died that night. His name was William Atherholt. He was an oiler from ...

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A Letter From Family Member From Norway

Every so often I receive an email from someone regarding the Sunken Ships of the Outer Banks. I enjoy hearing from people who have come across the website and have enjoyed it. This was an email I received last week. Thanks Runar! Fun fact: The way they write the name in Norway is Flåten, and "en flåte" in Norwegian translates to "a raft" in English...

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A Return to The Website

Back in 2005, I was working on my doctoral degree at the University of Delaware. One of the courses that I was taking was Advanced Web Design. A part of that course was developing a website using what I was learning in the course. I had to come up with an idea for a website. At the time, we had just returned home from our usual vacation in the Oute...

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