A Tribute to Ships Lost

This website will be looking at ships that have sunk off the Outer Banks dating back to the 1500s. How did I come up with this idea? After spending numerous vacations in various locations on the Outer Banks, I've grown to really enjoy my time down there. A couple of years ago I saw a map, Ghost Fleet of the Outer Banks, in a store. While others shopped I reviewed the map and was amazed to see how many ships were lost off the Outer Banks Coast. I walked out of the store and later regretted not purchasing the map. While down there in the summer of 2005, I found the map in the same store and decided I would purchase the map. And the rest is history...


Please note this site is starting off with the history of ships sunk in 1942. As the site grows more years and ships will be added. If you look at the various other web pages, you'll see that the listing of ships is on the bottom, but no further information is there. This will be changing in the months ahead.


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